Some Thoughts on Culture, Cultural Bias, and Pyramids

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I remember in high school hearing about who built the pyramids in Egypt, and elsewhere around the globe. My uncle, a rather abrasive and opinionated man, believed the angels or fallen angels had built the pyramids, possibly aliens from other planets. He never believed ancient Egyptians, who were advanced, cultured, and worthy of building such wonders, could build something like the pyramids found as husks of their former (glorious) selves in Egypt today. Instead, architectural and technological wonders could only be built by white Europeans, not dark-skinned Egyptians, or so the thinking went.

While the Europeans did manage some grand feats themselves, they were not alone. Robbing other civilizations, other peoples, and other geographies of their grand wonders is a crime of Eurocentrism, a virulent form of ethnocentrism.

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